Friday, 29 July 2016

Nepal in 2072

Parikrama Student Family

The character of a nation is forged in the darkest nights and history stands testimony to that. What is seen as adversity by others

is seen as an oppurtunity by the strong willed who bend elements with their unshakeable determintaion. Such an hour of darkness

struck our nation on the twelvth of Baishakh this year, beginning at four minutes to twelve in the morning. The repercussions have

still not been completely assessed with the toll of death and damage testing the strength of the nation as a whole. Yet we stand

here still, refusing to acknowledge defeat even to the might of nature. As the voice of a large segment of the Medical Community,

Parikrama has matured through the years and is now going to be in the final years of its teens. As such, a responsibility falls on our

shoulders in such a time to spread the outreach of the platform to do our bit in resurrecting this great nation. In any country at

any time, doctors are the frontline defenders of health of the entire population and upon this great responsibility are added many

more at the time of disasters. We need to stand firm and united in the face of overwhelming odds for we are the backbone of

society’s health and when resources are being stretched thin, it is we who must not lose hope and stay determined to fight till the

end. And beyond.

It is difficult being a doctor even in the best of times and when a situation as fragile as ours tests us, it is natural to feel despair,

but we at Parikrama believe that by sharing; responsibilities and sorrows, by propogating; knowledge and love and by eliminating;

lies and barriers, we can still find our way in these dark times. Our actions now will decide the strength that future generations

will carry in their heart, it is us and our actions that will be the reserve of their hope. So, fear not our fellow travellers, though the

journey is long and precarious, by aiding each other we can reach the other side. It will take immense personal sacrifices and the

pain of loss will be fresh for a long time to come yet it will be done; for soldiers of medicine fire no bullet and do no harm but fight

the most ruthleslly, stretching and testing the very limits of the human spirit. Their own spirit.

The Parikrama Family wishes to contribute its own two pence to this effort by the means of sharing ideas and stories that inspire,

by making you question things that have been taken for granted and by attempting to instill a sense of unity across caste, class,

gender, race and religion. For if you look close enough, we are all the same. It is just a layer of environment and conditioning that

hides our similarity. Laxmi Prasad Devkota touched many a hearts when he proclaimed “dflg; 7Ònf] lbnn] x'G5 hftn] x'“b}g”. We wish to

build a nation that stands as a tribute to that statement. Those of you with keen sights might have noticed that we have used the

symbolism of a butterfly transitioning from a caterpillar to pupa to the butterfly as an analogue for our growth. Let it not pass unno-
ticed. Let the circle of creation wind and re-wind as well. Pardon me digressing. Moving on. We have also tried to turn the searchlight

inwards where we felt the need to do so for progress requires criticism and the wise don’t shirk away from it. We hope it will be

taken in stride for the world is moving ahead and we need to catch up. Not only in the fields of technology but also in the arena

of humanity. For if we wish to wipe the tears of our nation and to heal the bruises of this holy land, we can not allow animosity to

Someone remarked that ‘Writers are the Engineers of the soul’ and the statement hold true, for we not only derive a sense of

pride from our cultural identity but it is where lie the roots of our collective moral. We wish to encourage such engineering by

allowing people to discover the joy of inspiring others. We hope that this years magazine will fulfill the role of the messenger of

foster. This too shall pass! If we allow it to.

peace, knowledge and goodwill. At last we wish to bid adieu with an aphorism :

Fortify your spirtis and fear not,

for you know not the depth of your own courage my child.

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